August 20, 2016

Become a Volunteer

Support the initiatives of the Haywood County Chamber of Commerce by volunteering at our one-day bike event, the Blue Ridge Breakaway. All (4) routes will begin at the Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center and explore mountain valleys near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Pisgah National Forest, and in the shadow of Cold Mountain. The Century ride will also include 30 miles on the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.

No Experience Needed! Volunteers are needed to help with:

General Description:
  • Assist in setting up registration booth (canopy tent, tables, chairs, water jugs, soda, supplies, etc.)
  • Register riders.
  • Distribute rider packets, rider numbers, meal tickets, t-shirts and water bottles.
  • Collect and file medical and emergency contact forms.
  • Register riders for parking and assign tags.
  • Assist in the sale of merchandise.
  • Be available to answer riders' questions about activities and day-to-day events, and direct riders to services in town.
  • Break down equipment and assist in loading equipment into support vehicles.

Openings: four positions Friday and four positions Saturday
Hours: Friday from 5-9pm and Saturday 6:30-9am.
Rest Stop Volunteers
General Description:
  • Rest Stop volunteers are responsible for the maintenance of Rest stops (water coolers, table and chairs, bike supplies, first-aid kit, trash bags, bananas and sports drink mix). Rest Stop supplies will be delivered to the Rest Stop location just prior to the opening time.
  • Make sure water jugs are filled with ice and water, and have them ready before the first riders are expected to arrive.
  • Meet and greet riders as they pass through. Provide encouragement and assist riders with questions related to the route
  • Serve as a point of contact for the Ride Sweeps, Route Coordinator and ride staff.
  • Break down Rest Stops when the ride sweeps release you. Wait for rest stop coordinator to pickup Rest Stop supplies before departing.
  • Important: the first or second Rest stop of the day will run out of water and bananas the fastest. Make sure you know where you can refill water and get additional ice if necessary. Notify the Rest Stop coordinator if you require additional supplies.

Openings: requires 4-8 positions for each rest stop
Hours: the typical Rest Stop shift lasts three to five hours and will run between the hours of 7am-5pm.
SAG Vehicles
General Description:
  • Assist riders with mechanical issues as appropriate
  • Pickup riders dropping out of event and report to command center
  • Provide assistance to lost riders
  • Volunteers will need an open bed truck or vehicle that can transport a bike, will work with another volunteer in the vehicle and should have basic knowledge of bike tire repair.
  • Cell phone required of Sag Vehicle volunteers.
  • May be needed to resupply Rest Stops

Openings: Five positions
Sweep Rider (Cycling Position)
General Description:
  • Depart Start area after all cyclists have started and remain at the tailing position.
  • Assist riders with bike repair as necessary.
  • Contact support vehicles and ride staff to relieve exhausted or injured riders.
  • Advise riders of route concerns
  • As you pass through a Rest Stop, inform the volunteers to break it down as you should be the last riders to pass through.
  • Must have cell phone and comprehensive repair kit & pump
  • Inform the Route Coordinator when a Rest stop closes.

Openings: up to four positions - One for each route
Hours: 8am until the last rider arrives
Compensation: free registration on day of service

Paid for in part by HCTDA 44 N. Main St, Waynesville NC 28786 - 828.452.0152